Terms of use

- Our website is an informative tool of the company "Machairidis Efthymios & Co. OE".

- Through our website every visitor can be informed about the prices, technical characteristics and technical instructions of our products.

- Prices, specifications and technical instructions are subject to change without notice.
- Our products are addressed to the professional Sign Maker, Electrician and Electronic.
- The visitor can register on our website and if he is a professional (as above) every time he is connected with his code, special prices will automatically appear in some of our products, as long as the offer of the specific products lasts.
- The personal data of our registered users are protected by the law.
- Our website does not support e-shop operation and orders through our server are not possible. As the website is for informational purposes only, product orders, invoicing, issuance of documents, payments, credit card charges, etc. as well as automatic shipments, etc. can not be made through it.
- Product orders can be placed:

a) by telephone,

b) by e-mail or

c) via a message on the "CONTACT" page on our website.  Σας υπενθυμίζουμε όμως ότι οι παραγγελίες  δεν εκτελούνται αυτόματα. 

We will contact you for price confirmation, product availability and shipping costs.

For any information, contact us.

Thank you, Macharidis Efthymios and Co. OE.