Wired LED 5mm (1 product)

  • Wired 6-LEDs do not require soldering.
  • They are ready for installation and connection to terminals.
  • They have flexible cables and can be placed at variable distances from each other: 1cm (min) -6cm (max).
  • Applications: Signs, Pharmacy Crosses Signs, Price Signs at Gas Stations, etc.
  • Made in Greece: LMelectronics




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Important Instructions for the use of wired LEDs
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Wired 6 pieces Led Pixels 5mm

Wired in 6 pieces Led Pixel 5mm high brightness. In series connected with a flexible cable. They can be placed at a distance from each other from 1cm to 6cm. Operating voltage: 24VDC. Power: 0.48W. Light emission angle: 45 ° -60 °. Non Waterproof. They have a built-in Resistance. Available in: White DL, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, WHITE DL USA. The price refers to a wired 6-LED.
From 1.60€ excl tax